Unsettling Times

It seems like our community has been in the news quite a few times in the last couple of weeks. A lot of us have been asking ourselves what is going on!!!! Well, things do seem out of control, and we are in disbelief that our small community is having all these issues. Well in most of all bad situations, there are good things to be grateful for.

Why do people do these things? There can be bad in most good things, and good in most bad. Even in the most beautiful well kept gardens, there are weeds that appear. In the most sweetest of fruit, there can be a bad seed. There are cold rainy days that make us appreciate the beautiful sunny ones. There are sufferings of great loss to appreciate the blessings. There are bad storms that create the most beautiful rainbows.

There are truly evil ways and evil people , and good people that make bad choices. Unfortunately, sometimes, their bad choices can affect many people.

So, we have to look around and find all the good that we have in our small community. We have so many people and things in our community that truly make it a great one to live in. So in closing, we have had some unsettling things lately, but we need to keep in mind the families of those who have caused these times. They too are suffering.

They can not control what their family members decide to do, but yet suffer the shame and embarrassment of the incident .We all have had things happen in our families that have caused hurt and embarrassment.

So with all said, and all that has happened, take the time to go outside on those beautiful days and let the sun warm your face, and count your blessings. And in the bad stormy times, wait for that beautiful rainbow. And if by chance you don’t see a rainbow, make your own. And in all that you do, take time to pay some of your good forward to those in those stormy times, you will be glad you did.

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