It has been such a disturbing few weeks with so many things in the news. There are so many awful things that we hear everyday and just wonder what is going to be next. Then there is this election and all the upsetting things it is bringing. It is hard to maintain a good outlook on life and keep our family feeling secure and safe.

I believe the best thing we can do now is embrace what is going on and learn from them what we can and hopefully it will make us stronger person. We need to rejuvenate our souls. We need to develop an understanding heart. When we forgive others it frees us from the bitterness. We need to somehow flip the negative thoughts into more positive thoughts.

We need to give 100% to the most important things in our lives rather than 70% to everything. We can separate the things that we can not control from the things that we can. The purpose of our tasks should be to strengthen the relationships of our family and friends.

People are far more important than the check lists we think we need to accomplish. We can shed the guilt of what we carry and learn to find satisfaction in whatever we are doing. Spending time on the important things in our lives.

It is hard not to let the power of the environment around us affect us. It is hard not to let the outside bother the inside. It is so very hard to explain to our children what is going on. A child’s life should be like a wonderful picture on a canvas. All the brush strokes should be in the painting of wonderful things in their lives and great moments. There should not be so much turbulence and violence on that canvas. We need to find ways to take all that is happening and somehow make it into valuable lessons. Hopefully more understanding and a love and respect will make us all united.

So in closing, I hope all of you find great comfort and are grateful for all in your lives. As we have painfully seen, things can change in a split second. BE THE REASON SOMEONE SMILES TODAY.... PAY


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