Things are not always easy. Life has it’s share of unpredictables, throwing us into situations that we are not always prepared for, expecting more from us than we’re able to manage, pushing us to our limits. The adversities can be quite overwhelming, leaving us confused and disillusioned.

Yet, it’s challenges, these tests of fortitude, that keep us going, because the payback is great when we refuse to give in. By not giving in, we discover our own internal strengths, realize our self-worth, and connect to our spiritual selves. We learn to adapt to what life has given us, and learn about our inner strengths to deal with them.

We learn to adapt from things on a slow basis. It is the changes in our life, both big and small that we learn to adjust to. It could be a loss of a loved one, that we feel life will never be the same, and it won’t. But then we learn in a very painful way, that life does go on, and we learn to adapt. There are people every day, that have been given a medical prognosis that is difficult, to say the least, to deal with. Their life changes, and they have to learn a whole new way of life, they learn to adapt. You see soldiers coming back from war without limbs, making their lives even harder yet, but they adapt. We see people every day that we admire and tell them we just don’t know how they do what they do. They take their situation on and learn to adapt. We see babies born every day with disabilities, yet they grow, learning to adapt and live a very happy life. Adapt, according to the dictionary, means; to fit, to make suitable, by changing, to adjust to a new circumstance. Well, life does change everyday, and we learn to adjust to what we have to deal with. We learn to adapt and find what lies within us to make triumphs out of losses in our life. We find courage and strength that we never knew we had. We learn to be open to the changes that the quickness of life brings. We learn through our losses, the appreciation of life as a whole, and treasure what we do have left. When we count our blessings, as we adapt to our new situation, we learn how important it is to pay some good forward to others. So when you see someone else struggling to adapt to a hard situation they have been dealt, pay some of your good forward.


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