New Carlisle City Council passed an ordinance transferring $71,100 from the General Fund to the Street Fund. This represents the franchise fees paid by Waste Management.

At a previous meeting, some of the older council members remember passing legislation allocating the franchise fees to the street fund. City Manager Randy Bridge was not familiar with that legislation because it predated his tenure.

The transfer of funds will be effective at the end of the year. “We are only in the third quarter,” said Bridge. “We haven’t received a check from Waste Management for the full year yet. We have to receive the money before we can transfer it.”

Bridge said the money was never “lost,” as a local satire site has reported. “It was in the general fund all the time,” he said.

Council will have a special meeting on Tuesday, October 11 at 7:00 p.m. in the New Carlisle Fire House to act on ordinances introduced Monday evening selecting an official refuse hauler for the City, and whether or not a franchise fee will be charged.

Mayor Mike Lowrey also announced that some of the funds from the Heritage of Flight Festival 50/50 fund would be given to the Fire Department to go to their fund to buy a Lucas Tool. He said that the main purpose of the 50/50 fund is to provide 24-hour security at the festival, but about $700 was left over and would go to the Fire Department.

Fire Chief Steve Trusty said that the revenue from the 50/50 drawing, the Fire Department’s hot dog sales and another event that they were attending brought in about $2000 for the Lucas Tool fund. That fund now has around $6000. The price for a Lucas Tool is around $13,000.

The Lucas Tool will administer perfect CPR to a patient for an unlimited amount of time, freeing Medics to provide other care to patients.

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