New Carlisle City Council leaned that the single remaining Twin Creeks parcel did not have any bids at the recent Sheriff’s Sale at their meeting January 19, 2016. According to City Manager Randy Bridge, the next sale is scheduled for January 22 and he will be present and prepared to accept the parcel should it remain unsold. Bridge also reported that he does have the deeds from all of the previous parcels that were transferred back to the city in 2015.

Bridge reported some unexpected news from Speedway Corporation. The hope was that the fuel provider would keep two stations open in the city were dashed as the company announced that they will close the smaller store on the west side of the main street on February 12. Bridge did not have any further information on the future of the site but noted that he did not believe that Speedway would sell to another fuel provider.

The city will hold the annual Town Hall meeting on March 21, 2016 immediately following their regular council session at the Smith Park Shelter House. The council meeting has been moved to 6:30 pm to allow for the extended community meeting.

City Finance Director Colleen Harris shared good news with council. The city has improved the collection of taxes for 2015 giving the budget a boost of $202,478.49 above the estimate for collection. In her report, Harris also explained that the city was able to realize savings to their expenses for the year gone by. Harris reported that the city has $461,366.65 under budget for the Year to Date Amount for expenses. Harris stated that the city is actively seeking non-payment of taxes and using the three letter process for collections. She also noted that the staff has improved the posting duties this past year which is helping the bottom line. Harris was asked to collect information on the outstanding taxes for the next meeting to report to council.

The city has sent out a new version of the tax form this year. Bridge stated that this was a mandate by the State of Ohio regarding the changes. Residents of the city are welcome to call the city offices if they have questions on the forms.

The city council will have a full report later this year as the 2015 year is closed out and the planning for the 2016 budget is completed.

Council heard the first readings of ordinance that would establish compensation rates for “certain management personnel”. In the ordinance Howard Kitko would see a 1.2% raise and Colleen Harris a 3.4% raise if approved by council at the February 1 meeting.

The city will be spending funds to improve Edgbebrook Avenue in 2016. The street will see a two and a half inch overlay of asphalt and replacement of curbs and gutters that are in poor condition. Not all curbs and gutters will be replaced. The city hopes that the reduced oil prices will allow for a low bid as asphalt prices are also expected to drop in 2016.

The New Carlisle City Council meets on the first and third Monday of each month beginning at 7:00 p.m. at the Smith Park Shelter House. All meetings are open to the public.

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