Having only been in office six months, Sheriff Deborah Burchett will be able to keep a promise to the citizens of Clark County made during her campaign last fall. According to information provided by Chief Deputy Travis Russell, two additional deputies will be added to the roadways of the county.

The plan is to add another deputy to patrol west of Rt 68 and one to patrol east of Rt 68. This will strengthen the presence of patrols around the county and support the needs of the communities in the areas being served.

Russell explained that the resources to provide the additional patrols came from some staffing changes and a realignment of the budget. He noted that Burchett had to make some difficult choices to come up with the funding.

Residents should see the additional patrols in their area and the hope is to support the existing road deputies and provide an increased law enforcement presence to the areas served by the Clark County Sheriff.

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