The Miami County Board of Elections approved a report of the charges for election-related costs to entities with issues on the May ballot, including the Tipp City and Bethel schools, during its July meeting.

The costs for each jurisdiction where voting occurred- commonly referred to as election charge backs - were calculated for the board under a new agreement with consultants Maximus. The company was paid $1,345.

The cost of the primary election was listed in the Maximum report as $44,136. The cost charged the Tipp City Exempted Village Schools was $5,132.81 and for the Bethel Local Schools was $2,212.55.

The costs included the prorated share of election expenses such as poll worker pay, polling place rental and placing/removing voting equipment along with ballot printing and legal ads associated with the specific jurisdiction.

Elections Director Bev Kendall and Deputy Director Luke Scott said at the July 25 meeting they were pleased with the consultants’ services. They said the consultants found more areas of costs that could be recovered through the charge back process than they would have included.

The board also approved changes in precinct maps based on recommendations from a staff review of all maps in the county. The review was made after it was found that changes that had been approved in wards/precincts in Piqua in 2012 had not been made to the voting maps at the elections office.

Scott said all maps were reviewed with the help of the county engineer’s office.

Several changes in maps in Tipp City, Covington, Troy and Piqua were approved. Scott said the changes involved primarily vacant land such as the annexation to Tipp City of land off Tipp Elizabeth Road used for a nature preserve and undeveloped land near Ginghamsburg Church.

In Troy, the changes involved a residential property off McKaig Road that was annexed to allow access to city water and the land purchased by the city for an addition to Duke Park.

One possible change in Piqua maps could affect around 180 voters, depending on whether Springcreek Township property is also included in the city limits, Scott said. He said more information on that situation and the city of Piqua’s position was being collected.

The board also heard from Tipp City resident Ann Zakkour.

She asked the board to consider adding information to the letter sent to voters who have been convicted of a felony notifying them that their voter registration would be canceled. Zakkour asked for addition of information on how it is possible for convicted felons to again register. The board was favorable to the request, but said it would ask its legal advisers in the county prosecutors’ office to review the proposed addition of wording to the letter

In other business, the board met in a closed executive session before directing Kendall and Scott not to use seasonal employee Joyce Robertson in the office. Robertson has filed petitions to run for re-election to Covington Village Council and by law would have to resign from the work once her petitions are certified by the board following the August filing deadline.

“It’s a perception thing,” Fisher said. He emphasized that Robertson had done nothing wrong.

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