Following an effort led by Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has rescinded language within a proposed regulation which sought to prohibit the sale and use of many performance auto parts in competitive racing vehicles. The rescinded language, buried in a 629-page proposal, sought to prohibit vehicle modifications “even if they are used solely for competition or if they become nonroad vehicles or engines."

“The U.S. EPA was just flat-out wrong on this issue,” said Attorney General DeWine. “I will always stand up to the bureaucrats in Washington and fight for Ohio jobs.”  

 DeWine sent comments to the EPA on March 10th detailing the negative effects on Ohio’s economy, as the racing industry provides thousands of Ohio jobs and Ohio is home to the nation’s two largest specialty automotive retailers: Summit Racing Equipment and JEGS High Performance. On April 1st, DeWine was joined by seven attorneys general in sending a joint letter, emphasizing that the language was inconsistent with the Clean Air Act, which does not regulate vehicles used solely for competition.

 In their notice rescinding the language, the U.S. EPA noted that “Since our attempt to clarify led to confusion, EPA has decided to eliminate the proposed language from the final rule.”

 The states which signed on to DeWine’s efforts included West Virginia, Arkansas, Alabama, Louisiana, Michigan, Nevada, and Georgia.

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