Senator Robert D. Hackett of the 10th Senatorial District and the 131st General Assembly of Ohio recognized Empire Records, Inc. and congratulated the company on its grand opening.

“Recognition of this special occasion is fitting, for Empire Records will undoubtedly achieve a praiseworthy record of service to the area by providing a local company through which area artists can publish their music. In the years that follow, this fine record label will unquestionably enhance the quality of life within the surrounding area, and through its unwavering dedication to excellence, it will become an integral part of the community. We commend Empire Records, Inc. on its grand opening and extend best wishes for the future.” The document was signed by Keith Faber, President of the Ohio Senate, along with Senator Robert D. Hackett of the 10th Senatorial District.

Located at Commerce Point in downtown Springfield, Empire Records hopes to establish the community on the maps of the music industry. Founders, Justin Staten and Derek Snowden encourage artists to reach for the success of other Springfield natives like John Legend, Griffin House, and Johnny Lytle. “These are exciting times in Springfield and we are happy to bring another new and exciting element to the community” said the duo.

The two bring both experience and passion to the new startup. Co-founder Derek Snowden, formally of the band “Small Town Sleeper,” was an integral part of establishing a record deal and world tour for his band. “Being a part of a band that got a record deal and toured gave me the opportunity to see the industry inside and out,” said Snowden. “I believe we can help our artists avoid the pitfalls that many new artists fall into when starting out in the industry.”

Empire Records is already in the process of signing its first couple artists and is excited about the talent and interest that has already come their way since the grand opening in April of 2016. “We feel there is so much talent in our city and surrounding areas that goes unnoticed, and we want to create a platform to put their gifts on display for the world to see,” said Staten and Snowden. With recognition from the Ohio Senate and support from the Springfield community, Empire Records is looking forward to the next few years and the artists and opportunities that will surface. “We hope the community will stay tuned to what we are working on. We know our new artist will make our city and local area proud.”

Empire Records is an independently owned music production company and record label located in Springfield Ohio. Founded by Justin Staten and Derek Snowden, Empire maintains a passion for producing notable records while shaping and supporting each artist. For more information visit their website

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