Clark County’s zoning department sent two representatives to the Bethel Township Trustees meeting last Tuesday to give a special presentation at the meeting; they summarized the Clark County zoning plan to involve local township governments and citizens alike in the county department’s plans for zoning the area. Issues for Clark County zoning include documentation of historic buildings or landmarks whose preservation may contribute to upcoming overlays for the county as well as rehabilitation of those structures.

County zoning also has new analyses of Clark County’s current economic demographics for those concerned with the economic functions of the county. They will be holding three separate meetings around the county in order to include the public in the zoning process for Clark County.

The first will be held on September 19th, from 6-8:00 P.M. at the South Vienna Government Center; 149 West Main St., South Vienna. The second will be on the 20th at 6-8:00 P.M. at Union Senior Services/Mad River Satellite Office at 7571 Dayton Springfield Road in Enon. A third will be on September 21st, from 2-4:00 P.M. at United Senior Services in Springfield, 125 West Main St. If anyone is concerned with their township and/or county’s zoning process, more information can be found online at

Also attending the meeting were two volunteers for Andy Grimm’s recovery-celebration, held at 4:00 last Saturday. Andy continues to recover in high prospects, and the strain put on his family by his accidental shooting has been alleviated in large part by New Carlisle and the surrounding communities/townships which have fundraised for Andy and his recovery.

The Bethel Township Fire Department hired Michael B. Littler to the PFC program last week. Other news from the department, as of Tuesday, Includes 59 EMS runs and 25 fire runs. Possibly due to this year’s prolific issues with heroin, the fire department has already surpassed last year’s number of emergency runs by over 170 runs.

Developmental Disabilities of Clark County has invited the Trustees to their 65th Anniversary. TAC-The Abilities Connection will be hosting an ice cream social at, 2160 Old Selma Rd, Springfield. The ice cream social will take place on Friday, September 22nd at 1-3 P.M.

The Clark County Township Association Quarterly Meeting will take place on Thursday, September 21st. Anyone planning to attend should RSVP by September 15th. The quarterly meeting will be held at Locust Hills Golf Course.

The trustees moved to accept the resignation of Brian Dupuis from Bethel Township Road Department, effective of September 6th. The trustees wished to extend a special thanks to Mr. Dupuis for his service to the township.

The trustees will be holding a special meeting for nuisances and neighborhood complaints on Tuesday, September 19th at 4:30. The next Bethel trustee meeting will take place at 7:00 on September 26th.

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