Mortgage Co. Gets 2-Week Extension to Act on Kendig Rd. Property

The Trustees granted a 2 week extension for Dovenmuehle Mortgage to abate the nuisance at 10590 Kendig Rd.

The owner of the property died in a fire at the address on Janruary 20, 2015. No heirs or insurance information on the property were located until mid-summer.

The company made a verbal request for an extension with Township Fiscal Officer Melanie Cochran.

“I asked for the request in writing and was told that I would have it the next day. I never received it” said Cochran.

“I want there to be a paper-trail” said Trustee Don Minton.

The trustees agreed and modified the wording to clarify that the extension was to “abate the nuisance” and not extend the 60 day appeal process.

12.5% Renewal Rate vs. 25%

Township Fiscal Officer Melanie Cochran advised the Trustees to choose the 12.5% renewal rate and a special line item for the “assessment of deficit recovery” of 12.5% instead of accepting a 25% renewal rate. Cochran explained that keeping the actual rate at the lowest percentage will save the Township in the future.

Concerns Raised Over A Shared Deputy

The trustees opened the floor to questions from the audience and were immedietly confronted about sharing a deputy with New Carlisle.

“I’m not asking you to do it, I’m asking you NOT to do it” said Ronal Cobb. “I’m holding (the City) to their promise of 4 Deputies.”

Cobb’s comment is regarding a shared Deputy with Bethel Township that was discussed at a special session of New Carlisle City Council last Wednesday. Council voted for three Deputies next year and are exploring options for a fourth.

Trustee Nancy Brown said that the City was interested in discussing the idea again. The trustees discussed the idea earlier this year, but it died lack of motion in a meeting.

“If it’s that important to New Carlisle, let the County Commissioners figure it out” said township resident Steve Coppess.

“We are looking out for the interests of Bethel Township” replied Trustee Minton.

“We will listen to any cost saving ideas” said Trustee Brown.

Fiscal Officer Cochran explained that the Township Police Levy has enough money for one full time Deputy but not two. Trustee Brown said that the township offers “extra duty” shifts at $35/hour with the remaining money from the budget.

The New Carlisle News asked why the Township pays $35/hour when New Carlisle pays $25/hour for extra duty shifts. “The $25/hour shifts don’t always get picked up” replied Cochran.

“Do you have any issues with coverage now at $35/hour?”

“No” replied Cochran, adding that the price is still cheaper than a full-time deputy.

“Is it cheaper than half a Deputy?”


“You just told me that there are no issues with coverage. You just told me that sharing a deputy will cost more than your current ‘extra patrol’ deputy. What benefits will Township residents see in sharing a Deputy with New Carlisle?”

After a long pause, Trustee Brown replies “we will listen to any idea if it can save money.”

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