They say go big or go home and Krissi Hawke has a big dream of opening the Clark County SPCA doors to the public once she raises $35,000 for renovations of the building on Walter Street in Springfield.  To date she has raised around $5,000 of that goal by working with local businesses to do fundraisers and depending on donations from community members.

Recently Dr. Dana King and his wife Judy paid a visit to the building to take a tour and listen to the vision that Hawke has for remodeling the facility.  Because the building is located in Springfield, Hawke must use contractors that are approved by the city making it impossible to use the donated services that were offered to her for electric updates and plumbing along with other needs for the building.

A few days after the tour, Hawke received a call from Dr. King to let her know that a special visitor would be coming by later in the day.  Hawke put some polish to the building expecting to give another tour.  To her surprise, Judy King arrived with a check from their foundation in the amount of $25,000 so that the majority of the work can be completed allowing the doors of the SPCA to open to the public later this year.

“I have no words” said Hawke of the generous donation provided by Dr. and Mrs. King.  She explained that she tried several times to write a letter of thanks to the couple for their generosity, however she simply could not find the words to express how much she appreciates their faith and trust in her to move forward with her dream of being an advocate for the animals of Clark County.  In a post on the SPCA Facebook page, Hawke prepared a video of the animals that have been served by the organization as a salute to the generous support provided by the Kings and the staff at Northside Vet Clinic.  She also vows to “make the SPCA the best that it can be”.

Hawke explained that word through social media and the articles in the Enon Eagle and New Carlisle News have lead families and individuals who have found strays or must part with their beloved pets to her door.  She now has a waiting list for openings in foster care for dogs and cats that need to find a new home.  Her partnership with PetSmart has helped many cats and dogs find new homes in the past few months and the door are not even open yet.  Hawke must do all adoptions at a location away from the building at this time, but that has not stopped her work for the animals.

Dr. and Mrs. King have generously supported a number of causes in the community and donated funds for both of the Dog Parks located in Springfield and Clark County that are a pleasure for dog owners and their furry friends from throughout the area. 

Hawke has contacted her contractors and the plans are moving forward to final approval with the city so that the renovations can begin very soon.  She continues to need support of the community in the way of financial donations, foster homes and additional monies for supplies and for the building fund to reach her goal of $35,000 that will also allow for more interior upgrades prior to opening the doors.  To date Hawke has written several grants. She has received funding for tents to use at adoption events, indoor / outdoor kennels and other items for the SPCA.  If you would like to make a donation, check out the Clark County SPCA Facebook page. 

Foster homes are still needed for dogs, cats, liters of kittens and puppies.  Some of the animals have special health needs and need to be in a home for a few weeks before they can be adopted.  You can contact the SPCA at 925-6602 if you would like to participate as a foster care home or if you would like more information on how you can help the SPCA help animals in Clark County.

Hawke would like anyone who knows Dr. King and Judy to be sure to express their thanks to the couple for their continued support of the animals in the community who depend on their generous hearts for care and to find new homes.

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