Clark County Sheriff Detectives and Bethel Township Deputy Nick Anderson followed up on leads and on October 14, a 17-year old male from Medway was arrested. The male admitted that he drove his vehicle onto the field and did donuts. He was charged with one count of felony vandalism.

The Park Layne Wee Arrows football team was heartbroken Sunday, October 8, when they found that someone had done donuts on the field at Raynor Park.

Then they heard from Rodney Creech, owner of Lawn Plus in West Alexandria.

“He called and said that he saw our problem on the news and wanted to make it right,” said Chad Hayes, Public Relations Director for the Wee Arrows. “I said ‘send us an estimate,’ and he said, ‘it’s not going to cost you anything.’”

“We do this every day,” said Creech. “I saw the damage on a Facebook post, and I knew we had to do something about it.”

Creech said that his company is based in a small town, and small communities support his business. “When you see damage to a pee wee football field, that’s a no-brainer,” said Creech.

The Lawn Plus crew arrived at Raynor Park around 8:15 on Friday morning, and was done by 10:00. They had aerated, levelled and seeded the field in less than two hours.

“What would have taken the Wee Arrows volunteers all weekend only took us a couple of hours,” said Creech. “It’s all in having the right tools.”

Lawn Plus started an athletic field division about three years ago. “I saw what other people were charging, and I knew we could do the same or better job for less money,” said Creech. “We had the people and we had the equipment.”

He said he targets municipalities and organizations with tight budgets. “We just saved a school district $5,000 on their baseball field.”

“I couldn’t be more excited,” said Hayes. “It’s awesome that someone from an outside community would do this.” He said that neither the township nor the Wee Arrows had the money to pay to have it done. He said that Lawn Plus’ estimate for the work was $3,690.

“I guaranteed Chad an awesome field,” said Creech. “If we have to come back and re-seed in February and again in the spring, we will do it. When people show up next year for football, this will be a Lawn Plus field. It HAS to look good.”

Creech said that when he makes a promise, he keeps it. He promised to be back to check on the progress of the field.

“We love this,” he said. “That’s what life is all about.”


20181018 wee arrows 3

Rodney Creech (foreground) and his crew repairing the Wee Arrows field

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