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Sunday, 01 May 2011 22:23

By Dr. Jim Gay
Tecumseh Superintendent

On May 3 the residents of this community will make a choice regarding the Tecumseh Schools levy.
The choice that is made will have an effect on our children, our community and community members of the district whether or not these community members have children in school.
Passage of the district’s 3-year, 6.61 mil levy will enable the district to keep our neighborhood schools operating as they have, with kindergarten through 5th grade students able to attend the buildings closest to their homes. 
Failure of the levy will mean that the district will, in order to avoid a deficit, have to abandon the neighborhood schools in favor of a grade-level approach, with our children attending schools based on their grade level. 
In addition to the restructuring, over 22 positions will be eliminated.
This round of cuts will be felt by everyone associated with our schools.  The easy cost containment measures have already been made.  Since 2004, the district has trimmed over $5 million from the budget. 
We’ve tightened our belts and lived within our means and now are at a point where the community will determine if the district is to go on providing the level of services we now offer for our students, or make additional reductions.
Because of the nature of school funding, the decision that is made on May 3 will likely be with us for a very long time.
Programs that are lost through cost containment measures are often lost permanently because of the increased cost involved in bringing the program back.
We do recognize that this is a difficult time for the residents of the community.  In recognition of the circumstances, the levy that was placed on the ballot for this May was for half the amount that was requested in November.
In addition, the board has moved to implement an additional $800,000 in cost containments that will take place this spring regardless of the outcome of the levy. 
The length of the levy also acknowledged the challenging times facing us.  The levy that residents will vote on in May is a 3-year levy . . . the shortest duration levy we have ever presented. 
If we are fortunate enough to pass the levy, the residents will have a say in the continuation or discontinuation of the issue in 3 short years.
As mentioned earlier, Tecumseh Local Schools has lived within our means and has been fiscally responsible. 
The last time the district received additional operating revenue through the passage of a levy was in 1995 - 16 years ago.  There are not many districts that have gone that long without new revenue at the local level.
As mentioned earlier, the choices we make today do matter.  Good schools are important part of a vibrant community.
If you ask any realtor, they will tell you that one of the first things that couples ask when looking for a new home is “How are the schools?” 
We are fortunate to have excellent schools for our students and we will continue to work to provide the best education possible for the boys and girls who come to school each day.  Passage of Issue 10 will enable is to keep the programs we have in place for our students. 
Thank you for your consideration and your support of Tecumseh Local Schools.

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