Wanted Person Date of Birth Last Known Address Warrant Type/Charge Case # Bond Issued Date
Benner, Thomas J A220 Montgomery Av 4/23/1987Driving While Under The Influence O16TRC04686$2,5005/2/2016
Benvenuto, Michael J7350 Sweet Potato Ridge 5/4/1994Leaving The Scene Of An Accident16TRD05432$05/9/2016
Bobbitt, Bryan Jacob4865 Lower Valley Pk 10/30/1981Drug Abuse - Obtain, Possess Use Co16CRA01689$05/9/2016
Bobbitt, Bryan Jacob4865 Lower Valley Pk 10/30/1981Possessing Drug Abuse Instrument -16CRB01690$05/9/2016
Boe, Nathaniel P1400 Bruch Roy Rd 8/22/1992Speed16TRD04906$1,0005/9/2016
Brown, Lillian R206 Maplewwod Cir 7/17/1995Two Headlights Required16TRD04640$1005/9/2016
Burks, Richard Eugene1834 Tibbetts Ave 8/16/1995Driving While Under The Influence O15TRC07435$05/5/2016
Cafeo, Mark Wilson4732 E National Rd 9/26/1970Possessing Drug Abuse Instrument -16CRB01087$1,5005/4/2016
Campbell, Mark Lamar116 N Greenmont Ave 10/6/1985Nonsupport Of Dependents20040044$23,0005/9/2016
Clark, Tyrone Jamar1400 Innisfallen St 8/16/1985Possession Of A Dangerous Drug13CR0622$05/5/2016
Collins, Jason D12/3/1978Importuning16CR0205$05/3/2016
Coran, Khadejha Emony456 Wellington Willows Way 5/19/1996Failure To Appear20131183$05/2/2016
Dillon, Rebecca Kaye1001 S Center St 9/25/1987Burglary16CR0089A$05/2/2016
Eickleberry, Joseph R1110 E Market St 7/24/1984Assault15CR0624$05/9/2016
Goodridge, Matthew David44 S Main St 11/4/1987Drug Abuse - Obtain, Possess Use Co16CR0032$05/9/2016
Hassan, Ayan Ahmed4598 Brooklyn Dr 8/8/1996Illegal Processing Of Drug Document16CR0141$05/9/2016
Henry, Antwann James238 S Lowry Ave 2/6/1985Nonsupport Of Dependents20110325$11,0005/9/2016
Henry, Corey Joe955 James Rd 10/30/1984Driving While Under The Influence O15TRC12620$05/5/2016
Henry, Vincent Eugene515 W Clark St 3/31/1982Nonsupport Of Dependents20070010$11,0005/9/2016
Henry, Vincent Eugene515 W Clark St 3/31/1982Nonsupport Of Dependents20050686$11,0005/9/2016
Johnson, Jon Marzette508 Fair St 1/3/1994Dus Or Violation Of License Restriction16TRD05229$05/2/2016
Jones, Bryan Lamar366 Hunsal Ave 9/29/1981Driving While Under The Influence O16TRC04712$5,0005/5/2016
Long, Curtis 12/13/1959Robbery - Force, Threat Of Force16CR0207B$05/3/2016
Long, Curtis E605 1/2 E Grand Ave 6/6/1961Robbery - Force, Threat Of Force16CR0207B$05/5/2016
Lunsford, Kylee 6/9/2003Juvenile Probation Violation20151078$05/3/2016
Matheny, Donzel R130 S. Race St St 4/15/1962Dus16TRD04717$1,0005/9/2016
Mathews, Calvin Willy827 S Lowry 10/29/1977Driving While Under The Influence O16TRC02440$1,0005/5/2016
Mathews, Calvin Willy827 S Lowry 10/29/1977Drug Abuse - Obtain, Possess Use Co16CRB00820$5005/4/2016
May, Christopher Fraser336 Rosewood Ave 11/16/1984Cruelty To Animals16CRB01693$05/9/2016
Mayo, Natasha N3012 E 11Th Ave 3/10/1976Dus Or Violation Of License Restriction16TRD04938$1,0005/9/2016
Myers, Amber M205 Graymont Ave 3/5/1988Driving While Under The Influence O16TRC04617$5,0005/5/2016
Payton, Jon Kristopher1031 Beechwood Dr 8/24/1970Physical Control15TRC12289$10,0005/3/2016
Phipps, Michael Anthony365 N Isabella St 11/17/1978Telephone Harassment16CRB01659$05/4/2016
Rappe, Edward C2103 S 9Th St Fail To Control Vehicle16TRD04563$1005/4/2016
Reed, Taylor Lynn Raine3454 Folk Ream Rd 12/21/1998Failure To Appear20150387$05/4/2016
Rife, Patricia Isabelle2015 Charles St 12/18/1962Driving While Under The Influence O15TRC13441$05/3/2016
Robinson, Jonathan W1587 Warder St 5/7/1995Receiving Stolen Property16CR0063$05/9/2016
Robinson, Jonathan WAt Large 5/7/1995Failure To Appear16CR0204$05/3/2016
Ruhe, Shane Allen372 S Hampton Dr 7/15/1973Unauthorized Use Of Motor Vehicle16CRB01550$1,5005/4/2016
Ruhe, Shane Allen372 S Hampton Dr 7/15/1973Menacing16CRB01602$5005/4/2016
Scott, Samantha Lynn721 Kinnane Ave 10/16/1977Forgery15CR0232$05/5/2016
Scott, Stanley R1333 S Thompson Dr 3/6/1973Speed16TRD04438$1505/9/2016
Sinclair, Richard Ricardo316 W Euclid Av 8/16/199Driving While Under The Influence O14TRC13061$5,0005/3/2016
Smith, Brittney Natasha1811 Woodward Av 4/22/1993Driving While Under The Influence O16TRC02910$5,0005/5/2016
Smith, Charles Richard502 Wildwood Ave 5/6/1977Dus16TRD04719$1,0005/9/2016
Taylor, Nicholas Dale156 Greenacres Dr 4/22/1984Animals Not To Be Permitted To Run16CRB01695$05/9/2016
Tipton, David Wayne3391 Heatherwood Av 8/25/1962Assault15CRB03468$2,5005/3/2016
Triplett, Lionel Bennett885 Stone Crossing 2/14/1975Passing Bad Checks16CRB01663$05/4/2016
Tyler, Amy L7 Todd Lee Dr 5/5/1983Passing Bad Checks16CRB01662$05/4/2016
Wilkerson, Krusean Laron841 1/2 N Limestone St 1/8/1990Drug Abuse - Obtain, Possess Use Co16CRB01073$5005/5/2016
Wooten, Charles Wayne4675 Spfld Jamestown Rd 2/9/1983Receiving Stolen Property16CRB00738$2,0005/2/2016
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