D. Andrew Wilson, Prosecuting Attorney, reports that the Grand Jury met on September 21, 2015 and the following indictments were returned:

Joshua D Moore

  • Age  27

  • Indicted for  Failure to Appear

Clifford D Owensby

Age  33

Indicted for  Improper Handling of Firearms in a Motor Vehicle, Carrying Concealed Weapon, Having Weapons Under Disability, Possession of Marihuana, Trafficking in Marihuana, Restriction Against the Design, Building, Construction, Or Fabrication of a Vehicle with a Hidden Compartment

Aaron T Kidd

Age  43

Indicted for  Operating a Motor Vehicle While Under the Influence of Alcohol or Drugs (2 Cts)

Dennis H Kennedy

Age  21

Indicted for  Receiving Stolen Property, Improper Handling of Firearms in a Motor Vehicle

Jeremy E Self

Age  29

Indicted for  Breaking & Entering, Receiving Stolen Property

Dale G Wilson Jr

Age  28

Indicted for  Trespass in a Habitation When a Person is Present or Likely to be Present

Randolph Monroe Jr

Age  36

Indicted for  Burglary, Theft

Jessie Lew Dallas Elkins

Age  30

Indicted for  Receiving Stolen Property

Jasmine E McCoy

Age  31

Indicted for  Receiving Stolen Property

Christopher Hollar

Age  31

Indicted for  Breaking & Entering

Michael E Gibson

Age  52

Indicted for  Possession of Heroin