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Written by Maggie Yowler   
Wednesday, 12 February 2014 06:51

Nearly one year after authorities raided the Quality Food Mart on Weinland Street in Park Layne for selling synthetic drugs, indictments for those involved were finally issued Monday, January 13.



Clark County Sheriff Gene A. Kelly held a press conference Wednesday, January 15 to discuss the charges against one of the employees in the Park Layne bust, as well as the indictments of several other men involved in an unrelated raid of the Quality Food Mart in Springfield—both stemming from the illegal sale of synthetic drugs.

The Weinland Street bust occurred on February 1, 2013 after a concerned mother wrote an email to the Clark County Sheriff’s Department.  In the letter, the mother had identified the source of her son’s erratic behavior as his use of synthetic drugs purchased at the Weinland Quality Food Mart.  The Clark County Sheriff’s Office worked in cooperation with the prosecutor’s office and the Ohio Attorney General’s Office to secure a search warrant of the business, before conducting the raid with the assistance of the Regional Agencies Narcotics & Gun Enforcement, or RANGE Task Force.

Authorities seized 567 packets of synthetic marijuana in connection with the Park Layne raid in February of last year.  The packets of synthetic marijuana, which are estimated to be worth $25 each in street value, were seized from the home of Quality Food Mart owner Munir H. Al Hmidal in Riverside after authorities executed a search warrant there on the same day as raiding his business in Park Layne.  Al Hmidal is currently in custody in Montgomery County after being indicted there in connection with the synthetic drugs seized from his residence.

Al Hmidal reportedly sold synthetic marijuana labeled as “Bizarro” to a Clark County Sheriff’s detective once, and his employee, Fadi K. Shoukri, 29, of Dayton, reportedly sold the Bizarro to detectives on two separate occasions.  Shoukri was indicted by a Clark County Grand Jury on Monday, January 13, and summoned to appear in court on January 16, charged with two counts of aggravated trafficking in drugs, and two counts of possession of drugs, all with specifications.  Shoukri’s indictments stem from both instances of selling synthetic marijuana to detectives, first on December 27, 2012, and then on January 24 of 2013.  In the February 1 raid, $4,000 in U.S. currency was also seized from Shoukri.

Samples of Bizarro purchased at the Park Layne location were then sent to the Ohio Attorney General’s laboratory, which confirmed the presence of XLR11, a controlled chemical substance designed to create a cannabinoid-like effect when ingested.  Sheriff Kelly said in early 2012, the Miami Valley saw an influx of “bath salts,” a generic term used to describe a number of chemically-created designer drugs.  He said such an influx resulted in many overdoses and unexplained violent behavior, which prompted several anonymous tips to be called in to his department alongside the email from the concerned Park Layne mother.

Kelly also said that the length of time between conducting the Park Layne raid and the issuing of indictments took so long because the chemical composition of these drugs is perpetually being altered in an attempt to dodge legal ramifications.  “The chemical concoctions in these synthetic drugs are constantly-changing,” Kelly said.  “The chemical combinations, when ingested, can have all types of varying effects on individuals—usually all bad,” he said.

According to the Clark County Sheriff’s Office, Al Hmidal obtained the Bizarro drug from travelling to Michigan, where he would pick up the shipments at a UPS store.  Sheriff Kelly said the majority of bath salts and other synthetic drugs are manufactured outside of the United States.
Kelly called this bust a “major case that needed the full weight and body of the Ohio Attorney General’s Office to help solve,” said Kelly.  “With the constantly-evolving make-up of these chemical concoctions, we needed their crime lab to identify the contents of these drugs,” Kelly said, adding that an assistant state attorney from Attorney General Mike DeWine’s office presented the case to the Clark County Grand Jury.

“Synthetic drugs are still a major problem,” Kelly said, noting that individuals who consume such drugs are often prone to violent and aggressive behavior.  Kelly also said that in the Park Layne instance, “family members recognized this as the source of the problem, and ultimately saved the lives of those involved.”  He stressed that just one email from a concerned parent resulted in the Park Layne raid, and urged people to step forward when they see a loved one caught in the throes of a synthetic drug state.  “When you have someone who will step forward, it will save time in prosecuting these cases, as otherwise, the process is painstaking to put a case together,” Kelly said.

The Quality Food Mart in Park Layne is still open, despite a civil suit that aims to shut down the business as a nuisance property, though Sheriff Kelly said he had no idea when the civil suit would come to fruition.

We want to know your thoughts on the Park Layne Quality Food Mart based on experiences you’ve had.  Do you think the business should be closed, or do you think it has been unfairly persecuted?  Tell us by emailing Maggie Yowler at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , or by calling the New Carlisle News office at 845-1709.

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